Marcia Hill Helten

Profile Updated: February 28, 2022
Residing In: Wichita, KS USA
Occupation: Teacher
Spouse/Partner? To whom? When? How long? Roger Helten, 1972, 50 years on April 22
Children Tracy, born 1972; Stephanie, born 1975
Are you retired?


Do you still have family in the Wichita area?


Do you have grand kids? Great grand kids?

Grandkids: Justin, Conner, Haley, Austin, Jordyn

Great grandkids: Lily, Colton, Anthony, Alex, and Michaela

If you provided a service during the pandemic, select type:

Education or Teacher

If you provided a service during the pandemic, where and what did you do:

Taught through Zoom at St. Mary Catholic School in Derby, KS

What has your life been like during the pandemic and what would you tell future generations?

I missed out on a few things, but life goes on. You have to learn that there are many things that you cannot control directly, so learn to influence people around you to make the world a better place. Be flexible!

What have you been up to since you graduated?

I went to college, for the first time, when I was 34. Have a BS in education (K-9), early childhood degree, and a Masters in Theology. I love teaching and will never be completely away from children. I still stay involved in many, many activities and hobbies. Love to be busy and keep my mind alert!

If you have traveled, where have you been, what did you like best, and why?

When I became a teacher, we started going to Las Vegas every Christmas break for many years. It was ok. I liked seeing the sights more than gambling. We went to Disney World in Florida on our 25th wedding anniversary. We mostly travel to our land in Elk County.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading, service projects, crafts, stain glass, writing, spending time with my great grandkids and other family members. I teach classes to adults, too. I am also taking online classes from Emporia State University because they are free to anyone over 60 years of age. It is fun to learn!

What did you think you would do when you finished high school and what did you actually do?

I planned to be a secretary somewhere. I got married, had kids, and then went to college to be a teacher.

Who was/were your favorite teacher(s) and why?

My favorite was my 3th/4th grade teacher, Mrs. Wyant, at Stanley school. She was just everything a good teacher should be.

What is a favorite school story or memory?

By the time I was in high school, I was already going steady with Roger and we spent more time in his school events, dances, and such than I did in the ones at West High.

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

I have always been the kind of person that just does what I wish I could do. When I wanted to learn how to play the piano at 40 years old, I did it. I would still like to be able to learn some Spanish.

Any words of wisdom?

Be kind! Be flexible! Be kind!

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